CSQA Program Benefits for Employers

The CSQA certification is the new standard in the service industry; put it at the center of your hiring practices and development programs.

Underscoring your firm’s commitment to excellence, the certification demonstrates competency in operational efficiency, customer service, and project leadership, underpinned by the knowledge and insights of industry professionals.

A Flexible Investment

  • The CSQA certification confers professional status on your employees.
  • Obtain and retain qualified employees through a professional certification process designed to instill customer centric business values.
  • Insightful, self-study, flexible curriculum designed to be achieved while working full time.
  • Builds operational synergy across the business, from customer facing to internal supporting roles.

Dedication to Professionalism

  • Demonstrates exception service oriented competence underpinned by an affinity for goal-oriented efficiency.
  • Fosters recognition and personal brand awareness as both a CSQA and as a part of the employer.
  • Strengthens a strategic, goal-oriented working environment driven by customer centric solutions.
Enhance Business Brand
  • Strategically positions employees to serve clients’ needs.
  • Improves client experience that wins and maintains business.
  • Offers business efficiency and customer satisfaction and reduces overall business risks.
Client Centric Recognition

The CSQA certification

  • is the leading professional service quality certification focused on building business value through employee career growth;
  • is service industry driven, building on 30+ years of combined business service experience; and
  • offers the latest customer service research, thought leadership, and continuing education.

Why Hire a CSQA?

You want to recruit employees that represent the best in the investment management industry—employees who are highly skilled and who are bound by the highest ethical standards.

  • Earning the CSQA certification is a highly selective process. Fewer than one in five candidates obtain a CSQA certification.
  • It takes an average of 80+ hours of practical study, along with at least three years of professional experience and successful completion of the CSQA Program exam, to earn the distinction of becoming a Certified Service Quality Associate.
  • The CSQA certification is the professional standard of choice.

Find Top Talent

The CSQA Institute Career Center connects employers and recruiters with investment management professionals who, through their association with CSQA Institute, signal a commitment to the profession and the attainment of relevant work experience.

“You can hire people with other online certifications, but you don’t necessarily know that one certificate provider is the same as others online. If you hire applicants with a CSQA certification, you can have confidence in the professional level of qualification.”