Certified Service Quality Associate (CSQA)

Certification Process and Curriculum

A certification program that provides you with the skills and knowledge to build a successful customer service career without the need to study full-time.


The CSQA Program contains three tests aimed to assess the Candidate’s knowledge at the end of each section within the course. Passing each validation tests for all three sections is a requirement to obtain the CSQA designation.

Complete work experience requirements before, during, or after participation in the CSQA Program. Your experience must be directly involved within the service-based industry or in a strategic/analytical based role supporting a service-based business segment.

Submit your official request to obtain the right to use the CSQA designation. Once your application is approved,  you will formally become a Certified Service Quality Associate (CSQA).

Expand Your Knowledge, Advance Your Career

A practical curriculum designed specifically to help you achieve your career goals faster.

Section One.

Customer Service Principles

CSQA candidates are taught to take a framework approach to providing excellent customer service, learning how to diffuse tough situations and dynamically navigate challenging interactions.

Section Two.

Foundations of Customer Service Efficiency

CSQA candidates are introduced to a process oriented approach in improving the customer service experience and applying concepts of continuous improvement to enhance service workflow.

Section Three.

Fundamentals of Project Management

CSQA candidates explore the fundamental concepts of project management in a customer service environment – developing leadership knowledge, understanding critical elements to drive change in improving service quality, and facilitating effective collaboration among customer service teams.

Designation Requirements

Education and Work Experience

Candidates must fulfill one of the following qualification methods before being awarded the CSQA designation:


  • A secondary degree.
    (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
  • 3 years of customer service related experience.


  • A Bachelor’s degree or the global equivalent.
  • 1 years of customer service related experience.

Flexible Study Process Focused On Getting You Results

  • Start Building Your Career Faster

    Candidates often complete the CSQA program in less than 1 month, but have the flexibility to take up to 5 year to earn the CSQA designation.

  • Practical & Cost Effective

    Aligned with the focus of developing a program specifically for working professionals, we offer flexible monthly payment plans to help manage your expenses while you invest in yourself. This allows for breaks in between studies and managing other needs outside of your career development.

  • Your Best Return On Investment Is In Yourself

    Your career is your best investment in a changing economy. It accelerates your career growth during periods of economic expansion, and it also helps recession proof your career opportunities when the economy contracts. Simply put, investing in your career development sets you up for an improved work-life balance, health benefits, retirement preparation, and it sets you on a better career path overall.