CSQA gives you the edge you need.

Start building a successful career despite the overwhelmingly competitive job market.

Service based experience is no longer just a temporary job, it’s the foundation of every successful company. CSQA combines your work experience with industry knowledge to help you become a competitive applicant for the jobs you want.

2.1 M+

Students graduate and join the workforce every year.¹

10.5 M+

New jobs created by 2026 in the service industry.²

16.8 %

Growth in hourly wages since 2014 across the service industry.³

89 %

Companies that compete on the basis of customer service.⁴

Start your career off on the right foot.

Build your career on what companies value most, no matter where you want to work.

The CSQA curriculum helps you build a versatile foundation so that the skills and knowledge is applicable anywhere

Certified Service Quality Associate

A Structured Approach to Your Success

The CSQA certification program was designed on the foundational belief that the three key characteristics shared among all successfully established companies are:

  1. Efficient operations across the business,
  2. Customer satisfaction, and
  3. Effective execution of strategic initiatives.

The three key areas then became the pillars of the CSQA Trifecta™ framework, and translated into the CSQA curriculum in a manner that provides candidates with a thorough understanding of the skills and perspectives involved.

The curriculum further equips candidates with the knowledge, skills, and experience required to confidently navigate the hiring process, and demonstrate to employers the value of hiring a Certified Service Quality Associate.


The job market is no longer what it used to be.

Professional development has become a significant criteria when filtering out job applicants. Companies not only focus on your work experience and career growth, but they also look for the pursuit of professional education.

The average job applicant is better educated and has more professional certifications than before.