Process Design Mindset

Whether you realize it or not, everything you do in life can be broken down to a process.

As a baby learning to walk, eat, and brush your teeth?
All a series of processes.

Your morning routine, commute to work, and tasks you do at work?
All processes as well.

Understanding this important fact will allow you to make small changes to improve your life and career with minimal effort.

There is a reason why the plastic bags at a cashier terminal is located right after the bar code scanner – but once upon a time it wasn’t always like that, someone made that impactful change and everyone else followed suit.

In the same manner, if your daily routine at work is to login and manually open 5 websites in 5 different tabs to get your day started, adding those 5 regular websites to automatically “open on startup” easily improves your daily startup process with almost no effort at all.

process improvement benefit

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