CSQA Resource Roundup

Insightful Content From Around The Web

Every week our editors pick out the top 5 articles that are highly relevant to the world of customer service and careers.

Here is our top 5 from this week…

Article #1: Workology.com

Covid-19 Work Place Re-Entry Guide
6 minute read

A nice summary more from the employers side and some considerations in bringing back furloughed employees back to work. There is no doubt that we are entering a “new world” and there are many preparations that both employers and employees need to make.


If you or someone you know are furloughed during these tough times, there are some great insights here to consider when returning to the workplace.

Your own health and safety is by far the most important element you should consider when it comes to your career.

Use this opportunity to know your rights, and determine if your employer has your back when you do return to work.

Article #2: Workbloom.com

How to Research Your Way Into a New Job
5 minute read

A cool article on how to think outside the box when it comes to getting the career you want. The bit on researching individuals is particularly interesting and unorthodox in getting ideas on what could be a suitable job from you by just doing more research on how people are applying their skillset in a role that you want.


Being able to look for unconventional ways to get that job you want is just as important as being able to stand out from your competitors in an interview is.

Not only will you likely come across hidden gems that no one else has thought of, you will likely stand out to your potential employer as being extremely detail oriented and can bring something different to the table.

Article #3: WorkItDaily.com

8 Things You Need To Know About Project Management
7 minute read

Interesting insights on how project management is one of the “must-have” skills in the COVID world, and debunks some of the myths around what a project manager actually do.


In essence, project managers are people that can see the “big picture”, work with limited resources, and balance competing interests from various stakeholders.

Not only do you need to be strong with the technical skills when it comes to having industry specific knowledge and the nitty gritty contracting work, you also need to have impeccable soft skills such as being able to lead a team and properly communicate with all relevant parties.

Once you’ve mastered all the skills within project management, the sky’s the limit in your career progression.

Article #4: blog.unfoldcareers.com

Sick of Retail? How to Make Your Next Career Move
7 minute read

Good article for those of us that are in retail currently and looking to leverage our experience to the job we ultimately want to get to.


It’s all about the numbers. As mundane and “easy” to the uninformed, you need to show your potential employers on what made your job difficult, what you did specifically to improve the situation and the NUMBERS to back it up.

Not only does this show that you have a process-oriented mindset, you are also able to self-improve and focus on the things that matters.

Article #5: Resume.io

Visualizing the world’s best companies to work for (2011 – 2019)
5 minute read

Very cool visualization of how companies rank in terms of employee satisfaction. Some of the companies are no brainers like Google and salesforce and generally the whole tech industry. Some surprises here that we didn’t expect are companies like Hilton, DHL, and McDonald’s?!


As much as compensation is an integral part of your career decision, being able to have a fulfilling career with a supportive workplace is just as important to your overall health and happiness.

People have been focusing more and more on a better lifestyle these days as opposed to having material goods, being able to work for a company that you enjoy going into work 40-60 hours a week is a big part of that equation.