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We are starting to hear more and more of these stories as work-from-home continues. When the lockdown first started, productivity was up, Zoom was the next best thing and all is well.

However, we are now in a phase where Zoom-fatigue is kicking in and is working against us in terms of productivity.

One of the leading cause for excessive Zoom meetings is the need for managers to ensure that their workers are putting in the hours, and to get some semblance of collaboration and culture building.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t be afraid to talk to your colleagues to see if they are also negatively impacted by excessive meetings. It’s always easier to speak up as a group if everyone is thinking the same thing.


Exit interview is a topic that doesn’t get enough attention and for those that have found new opportunities in a different role, the exit interview is especially important to not jeopardize your new role.

Point number 6 on not burning any bridges is especially important. It’s a small world out there so don’t be surprised when something negative you’ve said in your exit interview comes around to your new workplace.

Stay positive and express gratitude, this will be especially useful if you require a job reference, and who knows if you will cross path again with people that you’ve worked with further down the road.

Article #3: CareerGeekBlog.com


Informational interviews is by far the easiest way to get your networking game up especially if you don’t already have an existing network to reach out to in building new contacts.

Most people enjoy talking about themselves and when they feel like they are “VIP”, they are more likely to lend you a hand.

Always follow up with a thank-you note after the conversation and don’t lose the opportunity to reconnect further down the road.

Article #4: CareerSherpa.net


A great list of resources relevant to skills you need to be successful today.

Understanding how the jobs are shifting given the rising remote work and how to network with social distancing measures in place will help you stay productive and continue your path in getting the career you want.


Always try to match keywords in the job posting into your resume, and use the suggested verbs here whenever you want to indicate a certain type of action.

Avoid generic phrases and buzzwords that doesn’t showcase your experience and talent.

Put yourself in the shoe of the HR reading your resume; Would you be fascinated and inclined to hire someone just because they said they were “hard working” in their resume?