CSQA Resource Roundup

Insightful Content From Around The Web

Every week our editors pick out the top 5 articles that are highly relevant to the world of customer service and careers.

Here is our top 5 from this week…

Article #1: blog.sprinklr.com

How Sprinklr is Helping Brands Transform Customer Care
5 minute read

A quick and easy case study on how Sprinklr is using customer care as their new marketing. Some very compelling statistics on why you should care about customer service.


Everyone has easy access to social media now, and with numbers like 70.7% of millennial Twitter users reportedly having used social media to comment on a company’s customer service, it is crucial that your customer service quality remains top notch especially when the times are tough, (pandemic tough).

With statistics pointing to a high bar to maintain for returning customer, don’t take for granted your existing customer base as buyers today are more informed than ever and can move on to the next company that can offer them better services.

Article #2: Userlike.com

The 9 Customer Channels – Strengths and Weaknesses
13 minute read

An awesome summary of all the ways you can reach out to your customers and things to watch out for in each channel. We cover the different customer channels extensively in our CSQA: Customer Service Principles course.


Understand all the sales channels at your disposal and understand where the customers are in the sale cycle in any engagement.

Getting too detailed right off the bat when a prospect is just sending a quick question on chat may come off too strong, while providing generic information to a repeat customer coming to your store in-person may be counterproductive.

For the different sales channels, think about how you can scale the interactions; Are there common issues that customers are running into that can be more easily resolved through other means such as posting the information via your website or social media platforms?

Article #3: CustomerThink.com

How to go beyond Voice of the Customer
5 minute read

An interesting take on customer behavior and explores some of the nuances with voice of the customer and reconciling what customers tell you versus what they actually feel subconsciously.


This is definitely an interesting topic and harder for businesses to understand.

The quote mentioned in the article “Consumers don’t think how they feel, they don’t say what they think, and they don’t do what they say” is a very eloquent way on how what you think customer behavior should be could be very different than what they are telling you via surveys / feedbacks etc.

The best thing to do from the customer standpoint is to not always take customer response at face value, and look for any discrepancies between how your customers are behaving versus what you think should be happening as a sign that your sales process and messaging may need to change.

Article #4: CustomerThink.com

The Trust Deficit in the Customer Buying Journey
6 minute read

Interesting statistic in the article citing that 71% of respondents from the Edelman Trust Barometer are likely to trust a brand more when they don’t come off as putting profit over people. While trust is an obvious component in getting a loyal customer, being able to take steps to actively earn a customer’s trust is a whole different story.


Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What would a customer service rep need to do for you to gain your trust?

A simple tip: understand where your products stand compared to your peers and be able to objectively evaluate the pros and cons of the products that you are selling.

Chances are your customers have looked up alternatives to your products already, so if you also know how your products rank, and can give an objective opinion on the options available, you are not only going to show that you are a subject matter expert, but also that you are likely to provide honest and quality service when they do make that purchase.

Article #5: HelpScout.com

How to Advocate for Colleagues in a Remote Work Environment
6 minute read

A short and sweet article reminding us that most of us still have coworkers that we work with (despite remotely), and how important it is to not lose that human element in our careers and also maintain trust and respect amongst everyone that you work with.


Checking in with your team members is one of the easiest way to maintain a positive work relationship during these tough times.

You would be surprised at the kind of impact a simple one-liner “How are you holding up?” would mean to someone that may have had a rougher go during the pandemic.

Try to actively reach out to members that may want to contribute but may be having a harder time in doing that remotely, and understand what each member needs the most to be working at their best.