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Every week our editors pick out the top 5 articles that are highly relevant to the world of customer service and careers.

Here is our top 5 from this week…


Work life balance has never been more important given the pandemic.

While working from home has initially been productive for many of us, the separation of work and life has become much harder.

If you find yourself responding to an email at 11pm at night or losing sleep over work responsibilities, ask yourself this: is it really time sensitive that you have to respond right this instance, or can this wait until the morning after you’ve gotten some rest? Is this a lifestyle that you are comfortable with, or are there systematic changes that you can implement to avoid such situations?


A good review of core interview questions to prep for.

Remember: a solid interview prep is when you have put in the work to prepare for the core question such that when you do get asked questions you didn’t specifically prep for, you can pivot the answer to go back to what you have prepped for.

For example: if you were asked whether you have experience working skill D, even if you don’t have such expertise, you can pivot to why your skill A B and C is comparable and how it would allow you to excel at the skill in question.


A quick reminder to all of us that just because the world is somewhat on hold due to the pandemic, it doesn’t mean your career has to.

Disclosure: this does not mean you have to drop whatever job you are doing. This merely means that you just have to be open-minded on some of the opportunities out there.

Don’t be afraid to look up jobs being posted at the moment. This is also the perfect time to put your networking skills to work.

Chances are a lot of companies are keeping the posts internal, so use whatever in you have to get an edge over your peers.


We can’t stress this enough on the skills you need to stand out in almost all jobs.

Our favorite must-have skill is Microsoft Excel, and no we do not mean knowing how to add or subtract, or hardcoding text and numbers into cells.

We are talking about knowing basic modeling, complex formula that helps data gathering and sorting easier, and basic scripting to automate your workflow.

This is by far one of the biggest value-add to an employer when you can reliably put together a spreadsheet and do things at a fraction of the time as your peers.


With more communications getting pushed to the digital channel, it is important to avoid the common pitfalls of email communication.

The point on tone of voice is especially important as those are almost impossible to interpret via a sentence alone, so don’t get all hot and bothered when an email comes off as offensive.

Keep calm and look to disarm any poorly written email with politeness.

Not only do you come out being the mature one, you also avoid escalating the tension unnecessarily.