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Every week our editors pick out the top 5 articles that are highly relevant to the world of customer service and careers.

Here is our top 5 from this week…


This article drives home the idea that customer experience is the key brand differentiator, even more than the price or the product quality.

This is especially important if you are running a small business that may be competing against larger players with the resources and scale to undercut their competitors.

Look to ways on how you can beat out your competition by providing a streamlined customer service as well as providing it on all the platforms seamlessly.

Statistic #4 is particularly imperative; ever try buying something from a website but you gave up mid way because the site was too unresponsive or their search engine not returning the correct product you want?

Article #2: SupportDriven.com


A great reminder (and a surprisingly appropriate analogy from The Office) to all of us that no one is perfect, and mistakes will be made. Using vulnerability to your advantage shows your peer that you are indeed human (like the rest of us), and you are open to learning and growing.

It is rarely beneficial to put up a front and will usually backfire as it has the opposite effect of losing trust from the people you work with. As the article rightly states, it is quite exhausting to work with someone that is seemingly perfect all the time!


Strategies like “remaining calm” and “don’t take it personally” have been preached in hundreds of articles when dealing with a frustrating customer, nut quite honestly, not enough focus has been on dealing with the emotions of dealing with a frustrating customer.

Many interesting tactics mentioned in this article involves changing your state of mind preemptively and recognizing the symptoms of when you lose control. When you put the emphasis on how you will resolve the issue (literally speaking in future tense), both you and the customer will move on to the solution phase and end the conversion of arguing who was right or wrong. Finally, the most important point; be confident in yourself.

When you fully know the products and services you’re offering and knowing the limits of your support, this will ward off any negative impact an interaction may have on you with a rude customer.


Having the right certification is often key to getting the job in the industry you want. In certain industries, the certification not only separates you from your peers on paper, it also provides you with an informational edge and further demonstrates your professionalism in the field.

As this article have shown that people with higher paying roles in HR tend to hold more relevant certifications.

If you are interested in a customer service certification, CSQA Institute has a guide on some of the things to consider when determining if a certification is right for you.


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