CSQA Resource Roundup

Insightful Content From Around The Web

Every week our editors pick out the top 5 articles that are highly relevant to the world of customer service and careers.

Here is our top 5 from this week…

Article #1: Customerthink.com

How To Win Customer Satisfaction During The COVID-19 Outbreak
6 minute read

A few key tips to think about for your business as you try to keep your customers happy.


Times are rough for everyone and don’t be surprised customers are nitpicky at things that they don’t normally care about, whether it’s a few day in shipping delays due to supply chain issues, or longer than expected wait time to get to a customer service rep via chat.

Focus on improving important metrics such as first contact resolution time and self-serve solutions that can streamline the customer experience further for a few less things your customers have to deal with.

Article #2: Cx-journey.com

Proactive or Reactive CX? CX Strategy and Skills “Then” Vs. Now
5 minute read

A very insightful guest post on how different people have navigated the current crisis and what’s at top of the mind for many top CX leaders today.


The name of the game is being proactive. If you are always a herd follower, you will always be one step behind and chances are your competitors have done what it takes to retain / grow their customer base while you sit around figuring out next steps.

Be agile and be able to pivot while not losing sight of things that won’t change; your values and your vision.

Article #3: ExperienceInvestigators.com

How to Pitch New CX Initiatives & Overcome Objects of Decision-Makers
8 minute read

A helpful guide for those of us that sees the inefficiencies or lackluster customer experience at their work and wants to do more about it. Quantifying the seemingly unquantifiable is the best way to get any CX initiatives greenlit by your managers.


Whenever you are pushing for a project proposal, put yourself in the shoes of the person approving your project. Would you want to put time and money towards a project that’s purely hypothetical despite the positive “story” that the person spins? Or would you rather invest in a proposal that gives you hard realistic numbers that you can benchmark off of and measure your success against?

Once you strip out the sugar coating, the quickest rule of thumb when pitching an initiative is 1) How much money will you make, and 2) how much expense can you reduce?

Article #4: FreshDesk.com

30 Remote Work Software That You Wish You Knew About Sooner
12 minute read

A nice compilation of apps that might help make your work-from-home experience even better. Asana is particularly useful for tracking tasks that needs to get done within your team, easy to lose a sense of progress when you’re not around others sometimes.


No need to reinvent the wheel. If you find there are certain bottlenecks in the way you work or organize your agenda, chances are there’s already an app out there that can help expedite the process.

Before you default to brute forcing any particular tasks, ask yourself this:

How can I do this faster / better / cheaper?

Article #5: Groovehq.com

Becoming an Entrepreneur: How I Started My Very First Business with Just $300
6 minute read

A very inspirational story on how an entrepreneur started from effectively nothing and eventually was able to build his way up through vigilance and taking that hard first step.


Don’t be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone. You don’t always have to take the deep dive right away, but be on the lookout for opportunities and there is nothing wrong with testing the water first before you go all in.